July 12, 2007

Americans: All Work & No Play?

It's the middle of summer and many of us have vacations on the brain. But as Americans are we getting short-changed when it comes to our downtime? Shorter vacations, longer work weeks and skimpy sick leave for Americans add up -- not to greater upward mobility, but to a burned-out workforce earning less than preceding generations. Hmm. It doesn't sound like we're creating a very empowered work force, but what do you think?

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1 comment:

Velanche said...

I totally agree that we as a society are really feeling the pressure of having scant leisure time to show for all of our hard-working efforts. It's as if American society lives within a "treadmill culture" of living a ROTE life, and yet by the end of the day...or week...we are just mentally spent and want to party-hearty for a night or two. Before we know it (after spending Sunday either recuperating or being domestic), Monday comes again.

And on top of that, most people start feeling guilty or worried if they take too long to have vacations. Two weeks is nothing; Germans get six weeks of leisure and have greater spending power to enjoy it.

Self-empowerment, it seems, is the key for Americans to take charge and ensure that life manifests on their terms...not anyone else's.

Just my two cents...peace.