July 19, 2007

Is It Time for a Raise?

In the spirit of money and finance month, we're throwing out the question of salary. Maybe it's time to start negotiating a pay increase with your current employer. Here's why. Nearly nine out of 10 employers reported that they're seeing more competition for new college graduates than in past years, according to a study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). And with the increased competition, comes an increase in starting salaries for new hires. read more

So how are you faring versus your peers? You can also find more salary statistics at the Salary.com website.

Isn't time you started getting paid what your worth? If you're interested in learning how to effectively negotiate pay increases, sign-up for a free coaching session to get started!

1 comment:

Chill Out Guru said...

You are so right!
I know so many people out there afraid to ask their boss for a raise especially when they have been at the same salary for years.

They are so worried that their boss will get mad, and I tell them, "And then what happens after they get mad?" and they give me an answer and I say, "And then what happens after that?"
Once we go down the list of fearful situations, they finally realize that there is nothing to be afraid of asking for a raise.

You first have to believe in yourself and then you can take the courage to ask for what you want....isn't that true in your every life?