July 5, 2007

July Is Travel, Money & Wealth Month!

Woo-hoo!!! Isn't summer grand? The days last longer, we get to play more, and the world feels just a little bit better. Heck, it's practically national vacation month.

So while you are getting some much needed R&R, I thought it would be the perfect time to discuss your personal wealth. Just think, with a little more money, you could potentially be on permanent vacation...or at least that's the dream.

Stay tuned as we bring you information on building positive money habits, with a few stories thrown in on travel . To get you started, take a look at my blog on how Americans don't like to take vacations anymore. And fill out a few surveys on your thoughts about vacation time.

1 comment:

Chill Out Guru said...

Yes, Americans need to take more vacations! There are so many other nations that take longer vacations sometimes even weeks.
For example, the Australians have a great way of thinking-"They work enough to play hard!" I love that way of thinking because it helps me to remember to enjoy work but relish my time to play on vacations. Take time to go on vacations every year!