August 12, 2007

August is Youthfulness Through Lifelong Learning Month

The days are getting shorter, back-to-school sales are in full force and vacations are coming to a close. Ah, the end of summer is near. As school children around the nation get ready to conquer another year of studies, we thought it would be a great time to revisit the idea of learning. In this case, lifelong learning.

It is known in nature that whenever anything is not growing it is decaying and this is also true for us as humans. No matter the person's age, there are great benefits to be gained by challenging yourself in all areas of your life: physical challenges such as exercise, mental challenges such as a course of academic study or even other areas of learning such as challenging your limiting beliefs or habits, enhancing your communication skills, or even expanding your comfort zone.

Probably the greatest advantage of lifelong learning is the ability to remain young at heart, sharp of mind and strong in body. So this month we'll devote our postings to helping you develop a lifelong learning philosophy. To get you started, discover how to make your lifelong dreams a reality with our Dream Explorer E-course. Enjoy!

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