August 10, 2007

The Golden Rules of Credit Cards with Gerald Lokstadt

Have you been wondering about how to improve your credit score, get yourself out of credit card debt or how to get yourself ready for that next big investment? Well, if you have (or even if you just want to stay ahead of the money game), then we have the inside scoop for you.

I recently had the privelege of interviewing Gerald Lokstadt, who is a Farmers Insurance agent and has been in the financial services industry since 1995. Gerald has assisted hundreds of clients in rehabilitating their personal credit through legitimate third-party credit repair agencies. He shares some incredible tips and tricks in our last podcast related to money and finance. You NEED to hear this podcast on the Golden Rules of Credit Cards!!!

We hope you enjoy this podcast. Oh, and make sure to check back soon as we launch podcasts for next month's topic.


Velanche said...

Thanks so much for this, Rosemary. This podcast was invaluable. I need to clean up my credit and know that it'll take time to do, so the Golden Rules from Gerald Lokstadt are important things to know. Really awesome to get a perspective from someone who has the inside track, being generous at demystifying the hidden info that credit card companies don't tell consumers. I feel empowered; thanks again!

Shelly Marie said...

What an amazing podcast! Wow, great for all from college students to professionals.

All the best, Shelly