August 31, 2007

Spreading the JOY!!

A friend of mine, Shelly Marie, recently learned the devastating news that her mother has been diagnosed with mucinous adenocarcinoma or cancer of the stomach fluids and GI tract. As a result, Shelly decided to take action and start a support group called Spread the JOY! (Joy being her mother's name).

"Spread the Joy!" is a not-for-profit forum hosted by Facebook. This forum is being used for publishing uplifting stories of cancer and hope. These stories/quotes will be utilized to keep Joy's spirits up and her will to fight this cancer high. The goal of this group is to have 1000 members by September 6th, which is Joy's birthday.

Here's how you can help Spread the JOY!:

  • If you already have a Facebook account, just join the "Spread the JOY!" group.
  • If you do not have a Facebook account, sign-up for a free account. Then, look up and join the "Spread the JOY!" group.
  • Leave a comment on this blog post with a message you'd like to share. We will make sure that Joy and Shelly receive your well wishes.
  • Wear anything periwinkle (the color of stomach cancer awareness) and take a picture of yourself wearing it. Send us the picture. We'll send the picture of your support to Shelly and Joy.
  • Keep Joy and her family in your prayers.

Joy (Mom), Shelly and Russell (Dad)

It is always amazing to see how something so negative can turn into a moment of inspiration and triumph. From all us at Supernova Coaching, we are praying for Joy that she may recover quickly to continue leading her supernova life!

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Penne O. Dornan said...

What a beautiful tribute to our cause. Thanks you so much. I am Joy's sister and Shelly's Godmother (Penne Dornan) and you're participating is so encouraging. Shelly's has the best friends and we really appreciate all you'll are doing.