October 4, 2007

October is Stress Management Month

I was on a recent shopping excursion at my local Costco when I realized that holiday music was playing in the background and holiday gift wrap was already available in bulk. Geez! I was just beginning to enjoy the cooler weather, leaves changing beautiful colors and schedules getting more and more busy. Now, I've got to add holiday preparation to the list? It's enough to stress anyone out.

That's why we're devoting this month to Stress Management. Let's face it, as the holidays get closer, our stress level goes up. So, we're going to provide plenty of tips and trips to keep your blood pressure in check. Enjoy!!

If you're feeling really stressed out at work, school or home, consider a free coaching session. We can help you find some much needed balance, piece of mind and a few laughs in the process.

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