December 28, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Remembered

"As long as the sun and moon are alive, so is the name of Bhutto."

That is what mourners chanted at the funeral of the Muslim world's first female prime minister, Benazir Bhutto.  She was killed yesterday by a suicide attacker/bomber. 
She took the position of prime minister of Pakistan in 1988 at age 35 and served two terms amid much controversy.  Yet, the impoverished and dispossessed of Pakistan adored her.  She was also well respected among Western nations for her progressive views and her commitment to toppling Islamic extremism. 

This morning a local Pakistani newspaper read, "What is clear is that Pakistan's political landscape will never be the same, having lost one of its finest daughters."  And so, the Power & Success Diva dedicates this blog in memory of another diva, Benazir Bhutto, who had the strength and courage to stand up for what she believed in and try to make the world a better place.

May you rest in peace.

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