December 13, 2007

Go Green for the Holidays!

It's hard to argue the effects of global warming when you've been privy to extraordinary record-breaking hot summers, live in one of the most smog polluted cities in America, and have seen the kind of devastation that could potentially happen through raging fires that have destroyed thousands of homes. In the end, power and success will mean nothing without our family, the earth and the rest of humankind. So this holiday season, I am giving the gift of green.

On this topic, I applaud Greenpeace in their efforts to encourage green gift-giving as well. Check out and enjoy this very "cheeky," and hilarious commercial. And share it with your friends if you'd like to encourage a behavior change to green.

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..." for many, many years to come. Let's help make that a reality.

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