December 12, 2007

Travel Stress-free for the Holidays

My brother just came into town yesterday, after 14 hours of airport hell. Those of you in the Midwest are well aware of the snowstorms that have beleaguered traveler's throughout the country. Well, my brother was "lucky" enough to fly during this time.

When he finally arrived at LAX, he regaled us with tales of poor airport etiquette and behavior. I know I've said this before, but I'll say it again, "You catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar." Despite the many cancellations that my brother experienced, he kept his cool, put on his assertive attitude and used my power and success techniques to get what he wanted from the airlines. In the end even though his origin airport had cancelled all flights, he was able to negotiate with the airlines to pay for shuttle service to a neighboring airport and get a flight to LAX while other passengers had to wait until the next day.

Since many of you out there will be traveling during the next few weeks, I am republishing the original series called Power & Success Meets the Friendly Skies. It provides some great tips and tricks on how to get what you want from air travel. I hope it helps you find some peace of mind during your upcoming holiday vacations.

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