May 8, 2008

Can a Handshake Land You a Job?

I often travel to colleges and universities to speak about resumes, interviews and career skills. One the things I teach is the importance of the hand shake. Let's be honest here, folks. Nobody likes shaking hands with the limp noodle. The usual reaction for most people when I say this is to laugh. Yet, even though it may seem lightly entertaining, the reality is that your hand shake is a critical part of the first impression potential employers get of you. Now, a study that will be featured in the Journal of Applied Psychology shows us that your hand shake really can make a difference. Here is a snippet of the article featured on

"If you're seeking employment, get a grip. A firm handshake is key to landing a job.

In a new study, scientists put 98 students through mock job interviews with businesspeople. The students also met with trained handshake raters who, unbeknownst to the students, rated their grips. Separately, the businesspeople graded each student's overall performance and hireability. The two group's scores were then compared.

Students who got high handshake marks were also rated most hireable."

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