February 18, 2009

Does the Job Search Have You Feeling Shy? (Part 2)

I recently posted about how introverts could succeed in the job search, despite potential hang-ups with networking and interviewing. However, I forgot to forward the information for a great book on the subject. Here it is.

The Successful Introvert: How to Enhance Your Job Search and Advance Your Career The purpose of this book is to present strategies used by successful people - including numerous celebrities - in managing their introversion or shyness while becoming successful in professional endeavors. If you've ever felt that your personality was getting in the way of achieving your goals, if you've ever felt there was a gap separating you from most other people, this book will open up new possibilities. You don't have to undergo a personality makeover to be successful in your job search and career. Learn to understand, appreciate, and celebrate your unique strengths.

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