February 4, 2009

A Great Interview Question to Try

I happened to stumble across a great question to ask at the end of the job interview and wanted to share. It's from John Rice, founder & CEO of MLT--an organization that develops minority talent for MBA programs.

Here it is:

"One question that can help you demonstrate that you are thinking about the firm/job in a way that suggests you are a strong candidate is:

'From your perspective, what are the top performers in the job we are discussing at your firm doing to distinguish themselves from everyone else?' "
Not only does this question help you understand what skills the company finds valuable, but it shows that you are interested in being a top performer. The only changes I'd make are to give the interviewer a specific number of items, and to target the question so that you are getting at the soft skills they want. The idea is to get to the core of what's truly valued in the company. Here's the edit:

"From your perspective, what are 2-3 things that top performers in this job are doing to distinguish themselves from everyone else? Specifically, what are they doing differently to build key relationships, fit in with the culture and support key company objectives?"

You can read the full article from Mr. Rice here. Until next time, good luck and happy hunting!

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