February 25, 2009

The Skills Employers Are Looking For...

I often use this quote when I speak around the country to describe what employers are expecting of new hires at this time.

“A generation ago in the U.S., the assumption was that as long as employers had bodies, they would train them. Now, the assumption is that employers shouldn’t have to train or develop anybody. [They] should be able to hire people who are ready to walk in the door today and contribute exactly what needs to be done.”
—Peter Cappelli, Professor of Management
Wharton School of Business
So what skills are employers expecting you to walk in the door with today? According to an article by Larry Buhl for HotJobs, there are six soft skills that are highly desirable. Here they are:
  1. Leadership/Team Building
  2. Team Player
  3. Goal-oriented Self Starter
  4. Excellent Communicator
  5. Flexibility or Multi-tasking Ability
  6. Sense of Humor
The article goes on to say that your innate gifts and talents are what get you in the door, but your ability to demonstrate these skills is what lands you the job. Given the conversations I've had with HR Personnel and recruiters, this seems to be the hiring trend. So make sure your résumé sings with the value you can provide. Additionally, you will need to have interview answers that display some of the aforementioned soft skills. Keep in mind that no one expects you to be Superman or Superwomen and have all the skills on this list. Just focus on demonstrating 2-3 of these and you should be in good shape.

To read the full article mentioned above, click here.

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