June 23, 2009

Recession Turns Many Laid Off Workers into Entrepreneurs

This is a really inspiring story about a stay-at-home mom and how she turned her expertise into a thriving six-figure salary business. Read the full article here.

There are a few great lessons to gather from this story:

1.) Take what you know well and start talking to your network. You never know how you can monetize your hobbies, interests and knowledge into something lucrative until you start brainstorming and "getting out there."

2.) It doesn't have to be perfect, big or fancy. This stay-at-home mom was doing what many start-ups do. She was working from a home with no frills and eventually her work garnered the attention of some high profile companies.

As a career coach, some of my clients have dreams of going into business for themselves. However, they feel as if they don't have the fancy letterhead, business cards, etc. that make them look important. The truth is that many entrepreneurs didn't have this either. They just "faked it until they made it" on their know-how. So, take a gander at this inspiring story and if you are unemployed, perhaps this will give you some other ideas to take your future in your own hands.

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