August 14, 2009

Why Facebook Should Not Be Used to Air Out Your Dirty Laundry...

You've probably heard the warning already. If you are looking for a job, erase those crazy shots of you smoking a "j," throwing back sake bombs while looking completely wasted, dancing suggestively with any sort of underwear showing (or not), etc. However, if you already have a job, Facebook is not the place to vocalize your grievances about your place of employment.

Here is an unfortunate example of someone who didn't follow this sage advise. Many thanks and the Renegade Conservatory Guy for finding this eye-opening post. Don't say I didn't warn you!

August 8, 2009

Pink Slip Party!

I recently had the privilege of being a guest panelist on "Views from the Top" Radio hosted by Adrienne Graham. This program dedicates itself to looking at hard hitting issues affecting women in corporate positions and at the top of their game. Yesterday's show called "Pink Slip Party" was for individuals who had been laid off, fired or downsized, and there were lots of great tips on:

  • Handling your emotions after a lay-off
  • Next steps if you find yourself downsized
  • Secrets to getting jobs faster

If you have recently been laid off or are currently looking for a job, you really should check out the great tips and tricks we talked about. To listen to it now, just click on the player below. If you would like to listen to it later on your iPod or iPhone, you can download it from iTunes here. Enjoy!

August 6, 2009

Crazy Interview Processes...Are You Ready?

Being in the field of career success, you hear a lot of horror stories on bizarre interviews. Heck, I've been to my own fair share of strange interviews. Then, I read CNN's "Extreme Job Interviews" article. Now, I don't usually get surprised by interview stories, but a few of these left me with mouth agape.

This just goes to show that you need to be prepared to face anything...and I mean anything during the interview. Take a look at the CNN article here.

Happy Friday!