November 9, 2009

Motivating People to Do What You Want Them to Do

You've probably heard of the Gallup Poll before, right? But you may not have heard of 12: The Elements of Great Managing. This book, published by Gallup Press (yes, same folks as Gallup Poll), talks about what helps employees feel engaged and more motivated based on interviews with 10 million employees worldwide. Yes, you read that correctly, millions.

According to the studies, one of the biggest motivators for employers was recognition:

"Employees may be motivated by many different things, but they all strive for recognition and praise. And they need that positive feedback at least every seven days."

When I share this with my workshop participants, most of them raise their eyebrows at the last statement. This begs the question, have you been recognized or praised within the last seven days? Don't feel bad if you haven't. Most people I run into say no.

Overall, the idea is to offer continuous recognition and praise to your peers or subordinates, so they are more motivated to help you achieve your goals.

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