February 4, 2010

Have You Had Your Praise Today?

A little while back I wrote about the importance of praise in motivating employees. Now Forbes.com is jumping on the appreciation band wagon with their article "In Praise of Praise." I was so happy to see more discussion on this topic, since I really believe in its usefulness to not only motivate people, but to increase retention among employees. In fact, in my management seminars I teach how to effectively provide this praise, so you know I think it's important.

Here's a snippet from the Forbes.com article:
"[Chester Elton] insists that appreciation works, especially during these recessionary times when companies have cut monetary bonuses and awards. Though it costs a company nothing, verbal praise can be as effective as a cash award, he says. Hard Rock Café, the restaurant chain, did a study on the effect of managers welcoming their shifts, thanking employees for coming in and making a few inquiries about their personal lives and families. Just a minute a day of verbal appreciation reduced employee turnover by 3%, Elton says."
Now, I'm not sure a 3% decrease in attrition is enough to make me jump up and down, but directionally, it certainly points to the influence that praise can have on employees. Keep in mind that the praise/appreciation has to sound authentic in order to be effective. So have a gander the Forbes.com article and let me know what you think about praise.

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